Why I’m here

Hi I’m M,

Like many people, I have suffered from anxiety and depression for the majority of my 24 years. In the past there have been quick fixes with short term results but I can’t do that anymore. Now I have to make a last ditch attempt to make things better in the long run or this life is not worth living.

This is a huge step. I’ve never been good at sharing or exposing my innermost thoughts, feelings and demons. But Here are stories from my life, my feelings of anxiety and hopelessness (with numerous spelling and grammatical errors) but I will leave nothing out. There will be no glossing things over anymore. I know so many of us do. The scars on our bodies are just cat scratches right? And, it’s never too hot to wear long sleeves. 

It has cost numerous relationships (romantic and platonic) so here I am chipping away at my wall but remaining anonymous until a day comes where I can take that step.

Till then it’s baby steps, M, no quick fixes this time. This is your last chance.



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