Suicidal tendencies

Mental illness is like internal bleeding and if it isnt treated in time it can cause death or life long complications. The past few weeks have been more of a struggle and I’ve already fallen at the first hurdle for not admitting that sooner. It’s great that there is more awareness of mental illness but […]

Back from the bottom

I have a list of things to to as long as a basketball player. I say that because I’m pretty short and the list is definitely longer than me. Its overwhelming isnt it? They say to break things down into manageable bits but how do you even start doing that? This past week and a […]

Anxiety management group

I had the third anxiety management group meeting today. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how nice it feels to be surrounded by people who are also affected. The first meeting was the most difficult mentally and physically too. Even though we are all well acquainted you can tell that we are all wanting to run […]